Sky of blues

      I photographed the two fuel tanks on the other sunny day in January and this time it wasn't the Norfolk Bog Door Blue or the more distressed version next to it but the brilliant deep blue sky sky. The other burning question is are they boxes, cubes or tanks.
      I think that they are all three but deciding which is which is harder than finding the meaning of life. I think I'll leave that to the Monty Python team.
      Admittedly the NBDB is looking  just a little distressed and faded but you would if you were out in all weathers for fifty years or more. Credit where it's due too, it's still the original coat of paint too so it's no wonder that I am unable to source some fresh paint in this 'heritage hue'.
      I bet the paint has been discontinued because of the incredible longevity, a paint company could go bankrupt making paint with this level of weather resistance.