Sourdough. It's getting better

      All those old sayings and adages are true, particularly 'practice makes perfect'. This is the latest attempt at sourdough bread and I'm pleased to report that it was the best bake yet, but definitely not perfect.
      The rise was nicely spectacular and the boss' bread proving box makes a terrific difference because it maintains a constant 21.5 degree temperature, the box looks a bit gimcrack but it really does work and you can't ask for more than that. The constant temperature allows the yeast culture to get on with what it does best, being really productive, you can see that mix above raising bubbles and almost hear it gently hissing and gurgling away to itself.
      As for the bread, well it's still not perfect but it's getting better all the time and I can't wait to bake the next pair of loaves which will, I hope, be even better. Anyway the drains I fish now have an icy cap on them so the sourdough keeps me to of trouble.