The owl service station

      On every day last week on both the morning and evening walks I found owl pellets, large owl pellets too, on the floor at the entrance to the old Nissen Hut.
      The size of the pellets suggests either a barn owl or tawny owl and although we have seen the barn owl patrolling the dyke sides last night we heard the tawny owls calling and answering one another so the boss and I think that the tawny owls are the birds leaving their giant calling cards. Are they nesting in the hut? Now we need to try and get a photograph of the happy couple.
       The owls sit on the lip of the roof or in the broken windows above the door and regurgitate their pellets, they also splash the whitewash all over the floor too. On another topic there's a nice little splash of Norfolk Bog Door Blue in there just for the connoissseur.
      This Nissen Hut's got everything.