The 'Snow Dump' passes

      Late afternoon on Tuesday and finally a snowstorm is passing through. Despite all of the hyperbole of the weather forecasters with their 'snow dumps', Siberian level snowstorms and big freeze it hasn't happened, as usual. Sure it's cold but it is winter.
      I think that their forecasts are written by Health and Safety, you know the kind of thing, if you are going to drive a mile to the Post Office or local shop take a shovel, some blankets, tow rope and a flask of piping hot soup or coffee to keep you going until Norfolk's police car arrives to tell you that you are stuck, you should have stayed at home and it's your fault.
       Anyway rant over and here's a photograph today's 'snow dump' passing through in a south westerly direction and heading on into Cambridgeshire.


Bureboyblog said…
Every thing happens south/east of Fakenham John. Been a mare for two days now..
On the Costa del Upwell we might just make a centimetre but it is absolutely freezing, -1.6 at present and the lazy wind to make it worse.