A trick of the light

      The much loved transformer box seen in two or three different lights and moods. It's amazing how the weather variations and light extremes can change atmosphere and effect. The differences between the light at dawn, early morning, midday and evening are quite incredible and constantly changing.
      A bit of snow and things look stark and, not unreasonably, cold but the silhouettes at dawn against the dramatic sky give a different perspective.

      Late afternoon sunlight and everything changes again, the different light changes the colour, the contrast and you can see how painters became obsessed with the quality of the light in certain geographical areas.
      An interesting project, if you had the time, would be to monitor one subject in one  place from the same viewpoint at the same time every day for a year and record all of the light, weather and cloud changes, ending up with 365 prints on one wall.
      Mind you it would take more dedication than I have and a leap year would probably be the straw that would break the camel's back.