Any old iron

      Walking the two terriers around the droves, fields and orchards one of the sights that you become accustomed to is the amount of obsolete agricultural machinery that is just cast aside. Obviously one day it was in use then the next day it had been superseded by newer, cleverer and fancier equipment.
      I've said before that there must be a scrap metal value but nobody seems to care about that at all. The equipment just gets dumped and the grass grows up through it. I know one orchard where there are three old tractors rotting away and they must have a monetary if not an antique value.

      I think I will have to photograph all of these installations and catalogue all them for posterity and although I know roughly what role these forgotten pieces of equipment did I have no idea what their precise names are. There are trailers, rollers, various kinds of harrows, ploughs, grass cutters, irrigation pipes, pumps, conveyors what you could reasonably call a repository of agricultural all-sorts. In fact if you were a smallholder who enjoyed breathing life back into old equipment it would seem like a mechanical paradise.