Going all Fen Gothic again

      We've had some pretty dramatic skies in the last month or so, mostly built around the colour grey, but every now and then you see one that makes you wonder just how how the special effects department manage to produce them without the use of a computer.
      When I take the pictures and download them there is no manipulation or enhancement at all, just the sky exactly as it was. These two skyscapes could easily slot into an M. R. James ghost story, a horror film or simply help to create a sense of foreboding and unease. Either way you'd be glad to get home and stop looking over your shoulder as you go up the front path, just in case Bible John is out on the fen with his worn bible and a sack of eels.
      Right the front and back doors are locked. Check.
      Windows shut. Check. Did I hear a door bang upstairs?
      I'll get the Boss to check that out.