It's that blue again

      My haunting by Norfolk Bog Door Blue continues, I turn a corner and have a peep into an old barn and what do I see? Yes, Norfolk Bog Door Blue on the inevitable piece of old machinery, the blue positively glowing in gloomy barn.
      As always the machinery, an old potato harvester I am told by its owner, hasn't moved for thirty years and a bit of oil and grease and I'm assured it would be in perfect working order and ready to go. I did ask why it doesn't get a run out anymore and I'm told it doesn't fit on the hydraulics of the huge modern tractor he now runs.
      Why not sell it then?
      No it might come in one day.
      As well as that blue again it's West Norfolk as a scrapyard yet again.


Bureboyblog said…
I've tracked down where they grow it John.....