I've got a brand new tractor

      With stunningly reasonable logic a farmer neighbour has bought a new tractor, well farmers do buy new tractors and they are essential equipment after all. This one is a 'new' old model will be added to the two modern monster tractors and the other five rather more vintage tractors that already live in the tractor stable. So now the vintage models in the tractor shed number four red Massey Fergusons and two earlier grey Fergusons, one of which is this little beauty.

      I'm assured that it was an absolute bargain and will work hard for its keep running a saw bed while the other Ferguson is going to be restored mechanically but not cosmetically, the farmer doesn't want it looking too 'perfect', just used.
      The only setback to all the excitement is that the boss now has a really serious attack of tractor envy, no doubt she'll be given a chance to drive it around the orchards and then she can come back all glassy-eyed with excitement and adrenaline.
      If it's windy I might fly my big kite or if it's raining maybe I'll just oil the guns.
      West Norfolk, it's all non-stop excitement.