One in the oven

      Well two in fact, one large bowl of dough split roughly in half to give two loaves. The fruits of another baking session producing some more sourdough bread and the end product continues to get better. Experience must be beginning to play a part in the production process, that or pure luck. Twenty minutes at 240 degrees with the lid on and then twenty minutes at the same temperature with the lid removed to put some colour and crispness into the top of the loaf.
      After the second twenty minutes knock them out of the casseroles, place them on a grid to cool down and resist cutting into them until the loaves have cooled and believe me that is difficult.
      This time I made a mistake and produced twice as much levain, or starter, as I needed to but the over-production was beneficial. The boss swiftly turned the starter into sourdough pancakes and served them with smoked bacon and maple syrup.
      Every cloud has a silver lining.


the best yet but dangerously addictive...