A very mellow yellow

      These little fellows, or are they ladies, really are a pleasure to see. I found this colony on a dyke-side around the back of an orchard where no mowers or flails go too chop them back so they simply thrive on their little peninsula at the junction of the two drainage channels. The shade of yellow is a little like that of primroses but a lovely mellow yellow nonetheless.
      The long dyke next to the drove has a massive amount of cowslips in flower too. Two years ago the farmer wanted to know how to get them to spread further so I said why not wait until the seeds are mature then cut the grass and let the grass cutter scatter the seed, it worked too.
      Strangely the deer don't eat them either, maybe they like a little mellow yellow too.


Bureboyblog said…
Lovely John . There is a stunning clump near Hillington at the moment