Cast in the past

      We love letterpress printing and type and this poster is a real beauty. It is a piece of publicity from 1971 that was sent out by the Headliners typesetting house to art directors and typographers working in advertising and graphic design in London. The poster shows wooden display and headline type specimens and measures 40" x 26" so it's a substantial piece of work.
      The fonts are, I think, all from America and had been put on film since we are well before digitisation here. Along with a some other typographic posters it is one of the few I have hung onto but is an absolute beauty and the ageing process has even added something to the quality of the image. I love the old printing press too, it's exactly the same as mine but branded 'Albion' not "Hopkinson Cope'.
       Now I'm going to have to find the others that are stored safely somewhere in the loft just waiting to be rediscovered.