Fit to burst

      The plum trees in the orchard have a covering of blossom buds that look desperate to burst, but every time it seems to be about to happen the weather goes dull and grey. That old recurring theme yet again.
      This evening while walking the two terriers there were plenty of bumble bees about, no doubt looking for all of the plum blossom, there were even butterflies flitting around in the top of the fruit trees in the orchard. Obviously all of those insects were born optimists.
      Meanwhile just the odd blossom bud has burst but for the bees it must be like looking for a needle in a haystack. It will all change this week, as will the weather.
      It's Monday morning now and the sun is out, now we'll get a real blossom explosion.


Neil Ramshaw said…
Spring seems to have just arrived today on the wirral. No plum blossom unfolding yet on my victoria in the back. Saw some swallows near the sea yesterday - there must have been something for them to catch but couldn't see any evidence at ground level.
WE've got cloud now and last year the first swallows arrived on April 21 so there is time for them to break last year's record yet.
Neil Ramshaw said…
First two plum blossom opened today on the Victoria. About 14 15 degrees. Defenitely more invertebrates out and about!
Dickie Straker said…
Plum blossom is always the first John, sadly none for us as our diseased tree is no more...amazingly i have seen bumble bees every day since October bar the snow days! A statto fact! Captain says I need to get out more...that is out i say! TTFN Dickie