I'm still standing

      Norfolk reed and despite the gales, rain, frost, snow and every combination the weather can throw its way the reed it is still standing along the dykeside. This winter the farmer deliberately left it standing to provide cover for the birds and animals and he couldn't have picked a better winter for the project.
      So far we've seen herons, egrets, snipe, woodcock, mallard, teal, pintail and any amount of LBJs in there and water voles,. Muntjack and roe deer hunker down out of the wind too. The barn and tawny owls hunt along the headlands and we find plenty of owl pellets so it must be a bit of a one stop food store for the owls.
      It's quite amazing how one small change in the farming routine can make such a difference to the wildlife.


Bureboyblog said…
Everyone loves a LBJ. Wonder about a NBSDB?