Lifting the wheelings

      To do these strange marks across the field justice I need a drone with a camera fitted, the boss by the way, says no to that suggestion. Anyway back to the wheelings, when we first moved here I was intrigued by these geometric patterns on bare fields then I worked out the what and the why.
      When the farmers spray the wheat, barley, rape, potatoes or whatever crop they are growing the field is carefully marked out with sticks or they use GPS and the tractor and spraying equipment follow the same precise route every time. Obviously the weight of the equipment compresses the soil so at the appropriate moment they cultivate the tracks made by the wheels to give a finer tilth that is like the condition of the rest of the field. How simple is that as an answer?
      There you have it, the reason for the geometric light and dark patterns on the fields.
      I suppose if you've been imbibing at the cider house you might think aliens but no, it's the tractors.


Bureboyblog said…
Not quite ridge and furrow...