Rothko is back in West Norfolk

      Highly unlikely, if not impossible, but Mark Rothko's spirit lives on in West Norfolk and this little agricultural tableau of abstract expressionism is a superb example of the genre too. Rusty reds that have been scrubbed and faded away, a deep rich contrasting shadow and the crowning glory, a positively vibrant slash of Norfolk Bog Door Blue providing the perfect counterpoint and highlight. Wonderful, and the bright sunlight shows the colours up to perfection.
      OK, I agree it's time for some medication, now is it to be Abbot Ale, San Miguel or Brewdog Punk IPA? Well, it has been a very hot day so maybe two of the three.
      I'm confused now.


Bureboyblog said…
Abbot is for when the sun goes down. The other two? Any other time.
I agree, an evening Abbot or two are a real treat. Mind you so is the Punk IPA...