The sun I believe

      You seem to wait months for the sun appear and then, when it does finally briefly appear it's gone again, down behind the western horizon.
      Here we are the same view and the next morning has dawned, as usual it is grey and pouring down in fact I am writing this on a Sunday morning and a relentless drizzly rain is steadily falling. The time is 9.50am and 10mm of water had dropped from the clouds since midnight. Never mind what came down during last weekend.
      That was the kind of Bank Holiday that is almost a tradition in the UK and please remember we have weather not a climate. The weather gods certainly haven't helped the seaside traders who would have been hoping for a good start to their season to make their bank managers smile, mind you that smile would be as rare as a sunny Bank Holiday weekend.
      Right, I think it's time to light the fire.


Bureboyblog said…
Grim dank mizzle.
Dead right, I took the terriers out this evening and it was pissing down. Horrible weather, most weather I can celebrate but not this. Rain, mud, rain, mud. All on the West Norfolk front.
Bureboyblog said…
Peeking it's head out over your way as i left Lnyn tonight.