Triple terrier trouble

      Three Parson Jack Russell Terriers ready for their dinner and it can't come quick enough for them. On the left Barney with a paw held up and tail wagging in expectation, in the middle Lucie and on the right Fizz, all of them ready to feast.
      After dinner comes the walk down the drove and round the orchards, the weather conditions mean that the clean white colouration will end up a mucky brown splattered with mud and the dogs will be soaking wet. The bonus as they slowly dry-off is that they will begin to give off that distinctive odour that always reminds me of the smell of wet sheep.
      Right that's quite enough of the philosophical musings it's time to eat and then it will be time to plot a route through the deepest puddles and mud and get thoroughly filthy.
      What could be better?


Brk Trt said…
Lucie looks so sweet.