Barn finds in the garden

      Three rather splendid barn finds that are going to be used as plant containers in the garden, the latest project I've been briefed about and added to my projects and jobs to do list. Two of the containers look like galvanised laundry buckets but one of the two has what looks like 1955 stamped into it along with a War Department arrow. They were probably for carrying coal in rather than throwing at any invaders. Meanwhile the foreman watches on ready to report back to the boss in the conning tower and no doubt she'll be making a chocolate cake as part of the deal with the farmer.
      The other is an old boiler and it was probably used for preparing the food for a farmer's pigs. Right, holes to drill for drainage and metal to seal, although the boiler will probably get a plastic or terracotta pot in it because it is so thick I'd probably burn the drill out.
      A gardener's work is never done.