Corner shop days

      I remember bicycles just the same as this example being used by the corner shops for deliveries when I was a boy. People would put the order in for the weeks basics and some poor delivery boy had to ride one of these horrible things in all weathers to get the supplies through. Obviously he would be wearing a brown overall with a row of Biros in the top pocket.
      This memory obviously pre-dates supermarkets and on-line ordering but it just goes to show that nothing is new and the concept was there years ago.
      The old bike shown here was covered in sacks and bags in one of our farmer neighbours old barns, it looks as if it needs a bit of TLC and a service. Perhaps I should clean it up and restore it with a wicker basket in the frame at the front then I can take the two Jack Russell Terriers for a ride round the parish.
      Right Arkwright off you go then.
      On the other hand the boss could ride it as part of her training regime, now I'm in trouble.


Bureboyblog said…
Pre mopeds and cars we all went fishing on our bikes. Great for bombing round the pit when anyonehad a run, or you were "minding" their gear when they popped home and the dog walkrs were standing looking at their rods and wondering why that funny white thing was dancing up and down on a stick and wondering waht hat black thing at the front was making that noise for?

One of our august bredren had a trade bike but it didnt have a "logo". The Scribbler won't admit he used his mum's fold up shopping bike.

And I'd lie low for a bit if I were you.
We were the same, even riding the thirty miles each way to Whitby to go Flounder fishing. Locally rod and net on the crossbar or on really long ones the bike went on the train.
Absinthe said…
I can remember riding my bike from Nunthorpe to Whitby as a lad. The 5 miles downhill into Whitby was great - the drag back out, not so much so...
On the way back the right hander at the bottom of Burke Brow was a bit intimidating too.
Tim Baynes said…
Great picture and great comments... Ding Ding