Lost. Found. Happy

      My Japanese wood and lino cutting knife disappeared about a year ago and look as hard as like I could not find it anywhere. In fact I became convinced that the lovely Damascus blade had been dropped outside in the garden somewhere, covered up and lost forever. The blade is only three inches long so it is a good size for losing, just like a pocket knife.

      Then yesterday I decided it was time for a clear up and a throwing out session of all those useful things that might just come in handy but never ever do. I pulled out an old envelope that was being slowly dragged out by the youngest terrier and what fell out? My knife. Man overjoyed and Jack Russell Terrier with brownie points on the board but which one of them had chewed the leather sheath to destruction? I'll never know.
      Now it is time for some zen sharpening, polishing and cleaning.
      Oh, the excitement.


Bureboyblog said…
My dad still carries a pen knife.
I still do, it must be an age thing. Emergency tracheotomy or maybe castration. Be prepared I say.
I have an an American Scrade "uncle Henry " pen knife I've had for many years would be lost without it...
Tim Baynes said…
A lovely story and much appreciated! The blade looks splendid like the contours of a map!