Meanwhile back in the 1960's

      The North East of England as I remember it in the 1960's. I can't remember the name of the photographer who took the picture but he certainly has the light and the atmosphere of the North East absolutely spot on.
      When I was at Art School in Newcastle I used to catch the coast train once a month back home to Middlesbrough and it passed through Sunderland, Seaham Harbour, Easington Colliery, Hartlepool and a many pit villages on the way to what is now Teesside.
      At this time the pits were still producing coal, the steelworks were going at it hammer and tongs and the big chemical works were dyeing the River Tees as if it was Joseph's technicolour dreamcoat.
      I must say I really do wish I had bought this hand finished bromide print of the view of industrial Easington.
      Wonder if those two men have a terrier with them.