New use, old use

      I've commented before about this amount of redundant agricultural machinery that is gently rusting and rotting away in the orchards and the corners of fields in West Norfolk. Well, just to whet the appetite here's a a set of photographs taken on a slightly different route walking with the two Jack Russell Terriers
      All of this machinery is within a mile of home, and there's tons of it, of course the two terriers love the sniffing and hunting opportunities offered by these wildlife havens, getting them out  is the problem.

      When I talk to the farmers about this machinery they always say they are keeping it 'just in case' or 'it'll come in one day'. Which of course it never does. It must have a scrap value or even a re-sale value for smallholders and people who don't need the massive modern machinery and the colossal modern tractors to pull it around the fields.

      If I was younger, he said philosophically, I think I'd find a smallholding and cadge some of this machinery from its owners to help support the family food bill and recycle it in the right way, not a new use but the use for which it was originally intended.