Sourdough days

      The sourdough bread stocks were severely depleted over the Bank Holiday weekend when the family descended on us, whole loaves disappearing at a sitting. Needless to say the beer stocks were comprehensively looted and pillaged too, although that was to be expected.

      Monday evening saw the starter for a new batch being made and left to gather power overnight in the proving box. Then on Tuesday the main mix was started in the morning and returned to the proving box, the salt was added at midday, by mid-afternoon the high ambient temperature had encouraged a rapid development of the mix and into the pre-heated iron casseroles it went. Then into the oven for further alchemy to take place.
      The end result was well worth the extra furnace-like heat in the kitchen believe me. Toast with honey and coffee for breakfast this morning and tonight cheese and sourdough with a few pints of Abbot Ale.
      That works for me. Oh yes.


Bureboyblog said…
Abbot and cheese. Now you are talking