The interior of U159

      We've had a builder working for the past month plumbing in a new boiler and pressurised water system but before he could start that project he had to build a boiler house from scratch. What fun.
      The chaos has its bonus points though because nowadays the boss isn't up in the turret as much as she used to be, something to do with the less than fashionable tank commander's leather helmet, the goggles and the flies so now I'm about to suggest a new look that carries just as much authority.
      A half door on the boiler house, a leather peaked cap and reefer jacket plus a white polo neck sweater and a box to stand on. Behind her the boiler room looking like the inside of a submarine. Perfect.
      I can even bring her a steaming cup of cocoa and throw a bucket of water over her for added realism.
      I must dig out my DVD of Das Boot to get her in the mood.