The passion is rising

      Despite the cold weather and the northerly winds the asparagus bed has just yielded the very first cropping of the fabulous Purple Passion. The boss had a luxurious two boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers at lunchtime on Monday and no doubt tonight there will be another feast of asparagus to enjoy.
      Comparing this crop to the asparagus sold in the supermarket isn't fair, this freshly cropped asparagus is so superior that if you taste it you never really want to eat any limp supermarket excuses for asparagus. Apparently it is an aphrodisiac too, but I've been told not to bring wheelbarrow loads of it back to the house.
      Such is life.
      I blame the cold weather.


Mick Newey said…
Send me some my way, would love to try it....:)
Bureboyblog said…
Priapic indeed
When the weather warms up...