A new book of Jack Russell Terriers

      I've finally started to work on a second book of Jack Russell Terriers that will make use of all of the original material that went into Volume One plus a lot of extra unused material. As always it will be a light-hearted view of living with a couple of wilful, self-opinionated terriers that are the result of the fusing of a multiplicity of canine sins, in short, the Jack Russell Terrier.
      There will be no linocuts this time, it will be based on all of the original drawings and doodles that inspired the first book and there will be the additional 'Holiday Diary' of our first two Jack Russell Terriers, Pike and Rufus aka the Ruffe, seen through the eyes and observations of Pike our first Jack Russell.

      This time the book will be produced digitally so the learning curve for me will be exponential but revisions and additions will be easier to handle. Allegedly. Well they may be for somebody who is half-way competent with a computer. The Boss reckons that Barney and Lucie will be able to complete the project with less stress, there's a vote of confidence then.
      The first task on the production list is scanning nearly two hundred drawings and I can't say that I am the least bit inspired by that tedious task. Not a good start. The Boss says it will all be fine once I get going and the more you do the easier it will become. Really? And the boredom dissipates too?
      I look forward to being convinced.