Fancy coming back to my place?

      We'd just driven a little way into Cambridgeshire, me driving and the boss in the turret, to pay a visit to the bottle bank, a facility that we very seldom visit, and there on the fence just to lighten the proceedings were two doves with the mood upon them.
       While I clanked and crashed our two or three empty Sanatogen Tonic Wine bottles into the skip the dove that I presume was the female of the species barely opened her eyes, a state of ecstasy it would seem. Either way the male half of the pair thought he was onto a good a thing and was getting very persistent with his advances.
      I don't think that the old I've got a headache excuse will wash here.
      Ah, the romance of a trip to the bottle bank. I may have to rethink my strategy about visits to the bottle bank but it must be very different for doves.