Late and tough

      The cold and damp nights have played havoc with that most tender of vegetables, the asparagus. The picking photographed is a good quantity but the spears are tough and a little bit on the 'woody' side. The farmer is singularly unimpressed, blaming the 'bloody weather, it doesn't know its arse from its elbow'. I think that means he's unimpressed.
       He gave the entire bed a good cutting and clearing once the spears finally began to show themselves, came over and gave them to the boss declaring that she should be able to do something with them. They have been converted into fresh asparagus and pea soup with secret extra ingredients added and small, or individual if you like, tartlets. It all works for me.
      Now we have finally had a couple of warm days and the evenings, and nights are warming too, the soil will be warming upon again so we should finally see some really tender spears to pick. Roll on.