New partners in crime

      Our new Parson Jack Russell Terrier, Lucie, has settled in really well and after five months of living with us, puppy training and getting to know Barney she is gradually being acclimatised to walks on the farmland where she can come off her lead and run. And boy can she run, at least the running burns off some of the huge reservoir of energy that seems to be permanently on tap.

      In age terms Barney is an old man now, he's approaching eleven years old but the energy of Lucie seems to have put a spring in his step, compared to Barney she really is a fast and spring-heeled terrier incredibly agile but all boney angles and corners. They are beginning to work as a team out on their walks but it will be some time before she has developed the imperious and deadly ratting skills of her predecessor Minnow.
      Meanwhile the show goes on and Barney gives us his very best Terry Thomas smile. Well, for those of us who remember Terry Thomas he does.