See what you see

      Looking down and sideways on the walks and it's quite strange that so many flowers are yellow, well apart from the blue and white ones but the majority of wild flowers at the moment are yellow. Why? Is yellow a major insect attracting colour for pollination? If yellow does work in this way on the pollinators it must be high on the list of winged bugs favourite colours. I suppose odour, or scent if you prefer, comes into it too but a most of the flowers have no discernible scent, not to my nose anyway.

      After yellow white seems to be a popular colour, then I thought does the movement of the flower make a difference too? As the walk continued there were so many plants with yellow flowers that I figured that it must be the time of year that decides the colour. Or maybe not.
      Having paid no attention to the dogs  for a mile or two and getting some funny looks from them, I decided that I must have been chatting  and debating away with myself as I endeavoured to solve this knotty colour problem. At this point I decided that I would just accept them for what they are and enjoy the show of colour in the bright sunlight. Any colour.
      Mind you bees and all the other pollinators do like purple and lavender colours. I think I'd better just keep walking and looking and simply stop musing.   


Bureboyblog said…
Still Rhodo puple on the Pond