Sky of blue and a sea of green

      The cereal crops, winter wheat and spring wheat, are growing and maturing at great speed with the massive fields a sea of green and the spring sown wheat is rapidly catching up with the winter sown wheat. However, the fields of barley that we see on travels around Fenland are already turning and showing the change to golden yellow. The colour change seems early but it must be because of the three weeks of sunny and warm weather with no rain that is making the difference.
      No doubt when I'm out walking the two terriers and I see one of the farmers I'll ask him and he'll reply, "no it's always about now, the first cereal to be harvested", anyway we'll see. In fact having spoken to two of the farmers the barley is being grown because it bullies the weed that is known as black grass and outgrows it, retarding it's growth and onward seeding power. There are no legal herbicides that the farmers can use to kill it. 
      There's plenty more to look forward too as the summer moves on as well as losing the two terriers in all of that wheat, thank goodness they're predominantly white.


Bureboyblog said…
Hay cut by Hardwick
Neil Ramshaw said…
Over here in the west the farmers seem to have taken a second cut of grass already. I wonder if is because it won't grow much more now because of the dryness and heat and there is no rain forcast soon?