The eagle hasn't landed

      It may look a little like a Sputnik that's made a perfect landing, and I've also met a few people in West Norfolk who are convinced that they have seen aliens and their space craft, but in reality it's simply a bird feeder. This one was hidden in the middle of a field of game cover and it helps, along with the cover, to keep the pheasants in the area for the winter shoots.
      Inevitably the rats are attracted to them too and on the walks with the two Jack Russell Terriers the dogs will hear the rats in the cover and suddenly dive in to the dense growth to go rat hunting around the feeders. It's probably like a trip to another planet for them once they are in the jungle of plants.
      Any I suppose that after a few beers on the way back from the pub it could look like some kind of spacecraft, that's probably why all of the sightings of alien craft are after pub closing time.