The pick of the weekend

      At last we've had some very, very welcome warmer evenings and nights and we've been able to cut some asparagus in reasonable quantities.
      This bowlful was the result of half an hours cutting and cleaning and it will all disappear over the weekend having been cooked in a variety of ways. Lovely. The bountiful season of plenty has finally arrived and a retired local farmer is now cropping his new potatoes, potatoes that taste like new potatoes should, broad beans and baby carrots and other vegetables such as beetroot and sweetcorn from the smallholding that he still farms.
      Needless to say we're one of his best customers.

      However the real treat that we are in for is that tonight we have some of his first home grown English strawberries to savour. Forget the bland offerings that are in the supermarkets having arrived through the supply chain days and days after being picked. The four punnets pictured below will be eaten with great relish less than half an hour after being picked.
      Clotted cream anyone? Slimline of course.


Brk Trt said… is a native strawberry day here . Oh I will enjoy.