Early, clammy, damp and boiling hot

      On Friday morning after the previous evenings thunderstorm things still looked remarkably threatening, the humidity alone was 96% and temperatures were predicted to climb to around 37C.
      When early evening came it was a case of batten down the hatches as the wind gained strength and howled around the house slamming windows and doors, the heavy rain seemed like thick fog and pots complete with plants in them were being hurled around the garden. In fact we got off lightly, some friends who live half a mile away had the top half of a fifty foot walnut tree ripped out and in the village fences and and branches came down. The power was out for two hours so we had to dip into the candle store for illumination.
      Excitement in West Norfolk.


Brk Trt said…
John beautiful contrasts in that sky. Heat is one thing, and humidity another.
Combined they're awful.
We do get some fantastic skies probably because there is no industry and you can see a lot of sky. John