Lazy duck-pond afternoon

      A very warm Friday morning and some basic fishing gear, along with hemp and sweetcorn for feed and bait, is tossed into the back of the car and away I go to meet Bure Boy in Great Massingham.
      The order of service is that we meet up at the Dabbling Duck for a leisurely pint of Adnams, Broadside for Bure Boy and Ghost Ship for me, then we walk across to the village pond for some non-serious fishing. The angler's lunch, provided by BB, was one of the best meat pies I've ever had in fact a second pie would have gone down a treat as would another pint but then I'd probably have gone to sleep in the sun.

      There's nothing technical about the gear just a centrepin, cane rod and a quill. There are fish everywhere, the sun blazes down, and we catch a lot of small common and mirror carp and when I use the stewed wheat that's mixed in with the hemp a lot of roach too. Bure Boy reckoned a twenty fish target was achievable in the three hours that we were there and I'm sure that we more than surpassed that total.
      The fish weren't big, I suppose a pound and a half would have been the largest but who cares about that it was really pleasant and lazy afternoon.
      Alan Sugar helicoptered in for lunch too but he didn't come round the pond and ask how many we'd caught. Quite surprising really.
      He wouldn't know what a lazy duck pond afternoon is. Or was.


Brk Trt said…
Non pressured fishing, how refreshing in these days.
Would you care to elaborate on the pie?
Brook Trout, look Bray's Cottage Pork Pies up under - needless to say Sue has put an order in after my raving on about them. Thank you Bure Boy, I hope you get commission!
The fishing was great fun too.
Bureboyblog said…
I'll ask about commission John. I'll also bring a bigger pie next time.