Le Tour is over

      Well that's the 'Le Tour' over for another year, the boss and I do find it absolutely compulsive viewing, but I think the prospect of competition and touring for this old racing bike is very much a dim and distant memory. It looks a bit of a modern antique but I'm sure that it is fairly easily restorable and could certainly benefit with a wash and a shine on the paintwork.
      In fact it's another barn find that we discovered on one of the walks with two Jack Russells and in truth the credit for the discovery must go to the ever curious Barney who disappeared, as usual, and was found rooting about in the old brick shed where the bike is stored and slowly gathering cobwebs.
      Why he can't find an old E Type Jaguar or T.E. Lawrence's Brough Superior I don't know but we might get lucky one day, meanwhile he just looks superior about his rooting skills.


Brk Trt said…
Is that an air pump I see attached to the bike?
The Jack Russell doesn't seem to have a care.
Bro Try, An old fashioned bicycle pump. Bet the washer's gone! Barney remains aloof and does his own thing at his own speed. He's eleven years old now but fit as a fiddle, the heat wears him a little, but the it does me too. I'll do a post on the three of them soon. John