Who put the 'T' in terrier

      A refreshing cup of tea is lovingly poured and outside I go, complete with refreshment, to water the pots and the greenhouse. However unknown to me I'm being stalked. The tea is put down on the table as I turn to fill the cans from the water butts and then the tea has gone. Half a cup of tea has gone in seconds and with no sense of guilt from the culprit.
      There seems to be a pattern here, our first Jack Russell, Pike, loved tea and beer. Ruffe never touched a cup or glass. Minnow was the same, strictly a water girl. Barney strictly a water boy but Luce is another Pike appropriately enough.
      Turn your back on your drink at your peril, she hasn't tried coffee yet but no doubt it will be sampled in an unguarded moment.
      Meanwhile Barney sleeps on in the shade while lying on the cool slabs.