A bumper harvest coming

      The blackberries, or brambles as we always called them in the north of England, are promising a fantastic crop. At the moment they are just beginning to ripen with only odd ones ready for picking.
      There is enough steadily ripening fruit on the briars for pies made with the cooking apples from the orchard, a years supply of jam and jelly and there are four more huge clumps growing over the dead apple trees that are scattered around the orchard, those clumps are way over two metres high that so there'll be plenty for the birds and small animals too.
      It's nice to share.


George said…
I noticed a few ripe ones when on the river at the weekend, even the sloes as early this year I normally leave them until the middle of september before picking but by the look of things it will be a few weeks early too.
Brk Trt said…
Berries of any kind are a weakness of mine....love them.
I think that because of the weather we will have a glut, as in it all ripens at once, I'm going to check the brambles this morning to see if there's enough for the big pick. regards, John
Bro Try, A really tasty distraction from the matter in hand, even fishing! John
Bureboyblog said…
Plenty coming through in places TT
BB, Checked the orchard this evening, they're like grapes on a vine. I'll be in there on Saturday bucket in had. Fingers ready to turn blue.