Another plaque in the wall

      Every now and then you find a little bit of treasure and because I love type and letterform so much this plaque falls firmly into the undiscovered treasure category. We were going out for a meal at the local pub and as I parked the car there, right front of me in the rectory wall was the plaque.
      Obviously in 1878 they couldn't laminate a piece of print-out although I suppose a hand lettered sign was possible but whoever decided to build the wall took the classy route and commissioned a piece of incised lettering. The only sign of economy is the rather soft stone but the inscription is still readable one hundred and forty years on.

This wall is the sole propertyof the Rectory and stands upon
ground belonging thereto A.D.1878

      For extra interest and just behind the wall in the old rectory's garden is a ruined tower and I stood waiting for a shadowy figure to appear at the window or a maiden waving her silk handkerchief.
      I have to report that sadly I was disappointed on both counts.


Brk Trt said…
As Walton said, "study to be quiet", a plaque on Cottons fishing place.
Amazig what you find, we've lived here for eight years and I saw that plaque for the first time. Something classy about carved , weathered stone.