Fen gadgies. Another work in progress

      A good friend's son has asked me to produce a linocut that will be used on a CD cover. He's created some lovely computer generated artwork that he has already shown me so he's free to do his photoshop magic with this cut when it's finished.
      Although the print is going to be produced in one colour only, black, as well producing a finished print I will print each of the areas of black separately so that that they can be scanned individually and manipulated. An interesting use and adaption of traditional letterpress printing but I'm all for it.

      Any way here's the initial drawn idea at the top and two further cutting stages with the final photograph showing the blocks on the press bed, I intend to print a first stage proof tomorrow when the temperature is going to be a little bit cooler. Allegedly.
      Further developments to follow and I'll be interested to see the finished image because I'll have no say in how it looks or what the colours are and that really appeals to me.

      Here's the first proof taken from the block shown above, I've even sneaked our first Jack Russell Terrier, Pike into the print as a trusty Fenman's friend.
      There's still some cutting to do before I arrive at the finished block and before it's ready for the final three separate printings of black for the scanner and a complete print of three blacks all together on one print.


Unknown said…
Hi John, Rupert here... I've just showed this to a group of first years I'm teaching Linocut to, as an example of a "proper Linocut"! :)

Good man, there's lots more on the blog if you put in keywords in the search box: Linocuts, letterpress printing etc. All the best, John