Working nights

      The barley was all harvested a few weeks ago and now it's the turn of the winter wheat and with the hot dry weather it's being harvested in a minor dust storm, at least what wind there is blowing is moving the dust away from the house.
      By the following morning all of the five large fields in front of the house had been harvested, the combines working into the small hours under lights quickly taking advantage of the correct moisture content in the wheat and the warm, dry night. Within a couple of hours the following morning all the loose straw had been bailed and now the straw wheels await collection and delivery to the store for winter bedding or use in a straw burner to heat greenhouses or animal houses. Next it's going to be the spring wheat followed by the potatoes, then it'll be the mud season.
      The West Norfolk farmland is rolling inexorably on into late summer and before we know it the autumn will be upon us.


Brk Trt said…
Yes sir John, the summer seems to be winding down at least by the calendar . The weather says something else. Autumn is without a doubt my favorite season.
We're in the 90's again today and there seems to be no sign of a break. Apparently the temperature is set to drop to the mid 70's later in the week and a chance of rain. Apparently. I could do with sitting in one of your forest streams! John