A moth curiosity

      I like moths but I have come to realise that I know very, very little about them, so now to increase the knowledge I'm buying a book on British Moths, that should stop me taking them for granted. If you like it's a moth bible.
      I know you can google the subject and hunt on the web but I do like to turn pages. A somewhat old-fashioned approach I know.
      The boss and I saw Hummingbird Hawkmoth in the garden last year feeding on nectar from the flowers and we love the Cinnabar Moths with their very fashionable black and red colouring but this little fellow and others similar are always around. We think he, or she, is a White Plume Moth but being in silhouette on the outside of my studio window the moth is just a lovely shape.
      It could be the inspiration for one of those weird and wonderful early World War 1 aeroplanes or a very fancy modern glider. Meanwhile I just keep looking and being amazed at another world.


Bureboyblog said…
I've never associated those with moths. i will now.