Moroccan red

      In the roasting heatwave I re-painted the shed. The Boss and I were sick and fed up with the brown to beige paint that was due for repainting this year so the Boss took took to the interweb, as our eighty year old farmer neighbour calls it, and hunted for a colour that was a little more of a statement rather than the obvious browns and beiges.
      Anyway after two coats of paint that were drying as fast as I could put them on the wood we had a Moroccan Red shed. It seems to be so bright that even some of the neighbours have commented on the colour, we don't think that it is that radical and not that bright either. What is all the fuss about? It's not as if it's a red light in the upstairs landing window.
      The important thing is we like it and the terriers still pee on it too. It shows my plants up nicely as well and there's no arguing with that.
      Maybe it will replace Norfolk Bog Door Blue as the colour of choice? No I didn't think so either.


Brk Trt said…
I think the color choice is great.
I might add dining room wall is painted with a similar color.
Alan of taste. In fact in English country houses there was a colour used that is similar call 'Picture Gallery Red'.