The hedge monster

      Every time I drive along the creek near the house and see this piece of hedge it always reminds me of a child's nightmare vision of a monster. I can imagine it like some giant and malevolent caterpillar stalking across the fen in the dead of night hunting fishermen sleeping in their tents and bivvies. Or worse still in the dark patch at the top of the stairs.
      There's almost a full moon there too, yet another worrying development, so I won't be doing any night fishing on my own on that stretch. Well you know what it's like with a hyperactive imagination and you are out there on your own in a lonely and desolate place. The indistinct can become very distinct and very solid and real.
      Just to the left of the moon's reflection there is a small yellow float, I think I'd better get my gear packed up and get home before it gets really dark, my concentration has gone completely.