A bed for the night

      While the two Jack Russell Terriers were hunting and sniffing around in some old pig styes and doing their usual disappearing act I discovered this pile of straw bales, no doubt being kept by the farmer because 'they'll come in useful one day'.
      The stack was quite large and strangely of no interest to the terriers. You'd think it would make the perfect home for all kinds of wildlife but absolutely no interest was shown by them. Standing there I realised you could certainly make yourself a comfy bed for the night in there and with a little re-arranging of the bales you'd be able to keep the draughts out too. No naked flames or candles though.
      I'd better get some brownie points on the board with the Boss, I don't fancy becoming part of an early Christmas tableau, anyway the terriers would keep me awake rooting and scuffling about all night.


Brk Trt said…
Looks comfy, to whom I'm not certain.