A lost terrapin

      The Boss and I were driving across the fen to a neighbouring village, me driving and the Boss up in the turret, when my observer drew my attention to a sign fastened onto the railings on a bridge over the Forty Foot Drain.
      Obviously somebody has been careless with their Terrapin and it's escaped, albeit slowly, the Boss says that they can be quite quick once they are up on their toes so I'll have to take her word for it.
      If they can swim it will probably surface in front of some pike fisherman like a U Boat, being the size of a dinner plate, and he'll think he's hallucinating and be scarred for life by the vision of another 'fen monster'.
      I wish them luck and hope that they find their pet but she is probably enjoying a bit of freedom and we both love the 'lost' poster. Just a thought why not ask for a US Air Force AWAC aircraft from RAF Mildenhall to give the area scan, they say they can read a credit card from eight miles high or more should a terrapin shouldn't be any kind of a problem.
      I don't think she'll find a mate though.


Bureboyblog said…
Theres one on/in Selbrigg Pond.