Beach combing, pumpkin carving and fast air

      We've just had half-term week and that means that the two grandchildren come for the week and life is not exactly on hold but they have different priorities to us. Inevitably the seaside and the beach are a big draw no matter what the weather or temperature are, as luck would have it the weather gods smiled and we've had sunny and fine weather for all the expeditions.
      Half term and the coast wasn't that busy at all, maybe the chilly wind drove people away but beach combing for treasure called. What is it about pebbles and shells, all of us got sucked into the hunt while the boys hoped to find some amber, anyway the hunt completely absorbed them for two days, gave them a raving appetite and they both slept like logs.

      We popped over to watch the F15's from the 48th Fighter Wing coming, going and making a wonderful noise at Lakenheath. On the way back home it seemed that at every other farm gate pumpkins were for sale and inevitably two were purchased and a pair of 'Halloween Horrors' were carved to take back home Berkshire for fright night.

      Carving them out was surprisingly hard work and small boys with knives need constant supervision but they did a good job for their first attempt. Now it's Friday and the week is over so it's time to go and meet mum, have a pub lunch and give them back.
      That's the beauty of grandchildren, you can give them back.
      And then peace descends.


John Dornik said…
Outstanding carvings. My complements. When our kids were small we vacationed at Myrtle Bch SC. The nearby airbase had a squadron of A-10, "Warthogs". Low tech work horses. I love them.
The electric drill was good on a slow setting, the pumpkin on the right was hard to do, the youngest is very creative and demanding with how to do it! We've had F22's from Virginia, Super Hornets from the USS Admiral Nimitz as well as the F15's and RAF F35's from Marham. The boys think it's more exciting than Heathrow near where they live! Regards, John
Brk Trt said…
Grandkids are great. They keep us young.
Looking forward to the pumpkin carving. I love the salted roasted seeds.
Bureboyblog said…
Most excellent TT. In a roundabout way its like having grandchildren all year round at Bureboy Villas. In that we are old and they are young. They thought the hail and sleet was snow today. It felt cold enough to have been. Think it's knocked the tenching on the head.

A10'S John. An awesome thing to behold. Two small wings and one big, big cannon. Tank busters indeed.

I miss our RAF Coltishall Jags quite deeply. And the English Electric Lightning, the only RAF jet that could catch Concorde.

Our nephew saw the A10s in action and is still in awe of them, that was Iraq 1 when he was flying a Harrier. John

PS It has poured down since midday, I packed the car but wisely didn't go piking.