I fear rivers overflowing

      I stepped out of the back door yesterday evening and there it was glowing at me above the transformer box with the two posts looking a little like the standing stones on a henge. All very mystical and mysterious but not worth getting the woad out for, well not yet.
      Hopefully rivers will not be overflowing and I won't be seeing trouble on the way but you never know, the full moon has arrived with colder weather and that is very welcome because it will finish off the plague of fruit flies that have been pestering us for over a week on the warmer days. Even more important it should start to reduce the underwater weed choking some of my favourite drains.
      If it does manage that, well, let the good times roll.


All rounder said…
Good to see a reference to Credence Clearwater Revival. If I remember the lyrics correctly.

A great band, I have them on vinyl and CD and Spotify! A new deck and I can listen to the originals again. Regards, John
John Dornik said…
Three phase power. Three conductors; three terminals. Three is indeed a mystical number. 1/3 is an infinite series. The quotient goes on forever.

John, I love the hidden meanings in numbers. Thanks for that. Regards, John
Bureboyblog said…
The Upper Wensum was clear as gin today John. Rain has come and plenty more forecast. Good.

Ah, the mystical three phase electrics.

We took the grandsons back to maidenhead and only a few spots of rain on the way back near Huntingdon. I now view 3phase as some kind of Van Dergraff generator now. That was brilliant comment by John Dornik. Just loved it. Brilliant.

there were 'people' fishing from an aluminium 'boat' on the Middle Level yesterday. Was reduced to tears watching them battle with the weed, very Buster Keatonesque. How they didn't drown themselves I do not know. Always carry your camera with you... John
Bureboyblog said…
VDGG. You Tube heare I come.

Think the weed battlers would have fun on the Midle Level today. Autumn ha s become winter in a day.