Man-made and natural

      Two little pieces of pattern or perhaps art, one by man and the other by Mother Nature, the sort of thing that you'd normally walk past without a second look.
      First of all a stack of old roofing materials that look ominously like corrugated asbestos board, no doubt the farmer that owns the sheets is keeping them just in case of winter storm damage, but they've been there a long time waiting to be used.
      Then, secondly, Norfolk Reeds in a nearly dry dyke. They're starting to wear their autumn colours alright and in a week or two they'll all be a pale ochre as they die back, that is if they don't get cut back by the farmer first. Interestingly the nearly dry dyke has encouraged some different visitors, snipe and woodcock who look for food in the dry but muddy bottom. I love to see the snipe jig and zig-zag away when the terriers put them up as they root around in banks at the side of the dyke, amazing little birds
      I wouldn't shoot them but you can see why snipers are called snipers with the marksmanship you'd need to bring them down, just seeing them is good enough for me thank you.


Brk Trt said…
John your eye is much like mine....we see so much more.

You are right Alan, people look but don't see, John